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Infant and Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the time when you can show off your adorable infant or toddler to the world. All dressed up for trick-or-treating!

We have hand selected some of the most unique and some of the absolute CUTEST infant and toddler Halloween costumes on the web! Browse through our wide variety of costumes including:

Bumble Bee Child

Baby Baseball Bunting

Baby Basketball Bunting

Baby Bunting - Pizza Infant

Baby Captain Hook Bunting

Baby Clownfish Infant

Baby Football Bunting

Baby Pirate Bunting

Baby Referee Bunting

Baby Soccer Ball Bunting

Baby Spider Infant

Baby Vampire Bunting

Banana Baby Infant

Billion Dollar Baby Bunting Infant

Bumble Bee Infant

Cuddly Cub Infant/Toddler

Curious George Infant

Darling Devil Infant

Devil Bunting Infant

Devil DLittle Infant/Toddler

Fish Bunting

Future Hip Hopper Infant

Heir To The Throne Infant/Toddler

Hersheys Kiss Infant

Hot Dog Bunting

Ice Cream Baby Bunting

Jack-in-the-Box Bunting Infant

Junior Mints Baby Bunting Infant

Lil Devil Newborn

Lil Firefighter Infant/Toddler

Lil Firefighter Newborn

Lil Frog Prince Infant

Lil Pumpkin Pie Infant/Toddler

Little Dinosaur Infant

Little Pepper Bunting

Little Trees Car Freshner Infant

Lobster Bunting

Mini Muscle Man Infant

Pea In A Pod Bunting Infant

Pea In The Pod Infant

Pea Pod Bunting

Peanut Infant

Petite Panda Infant/Toddler

Pig In A Blanket Infant

Pilot Infant/Toddler

Polar Fleece Superbaby Infant

Puppy Infant

Raggedy Andy Bunting

Red Hot Chili Pepper Bunting

Red Hot Chili Pepper Walker Infant

Rock-A-Bye Baby Infant

Soft And Comfy Ghost Jumpsuit Infant

Soft And Comfy Pumpkin Jumpsuit Infant

Sugar Babies Baby Bunting Infant

Teddy Infant

Tootsie Roll Baby Bunting Infant

Wiggle Worm Infant

Wonder Bread Bunting Infant

Woopie Cushion Baby Bunting Infant

Brave Little Dalmatian Cape Infant/Toddler

Chesty The Marines Bulldog Toddler

Heart Throbs Tiny T-Rex Toddler

Lil Linebacker Infant/Toddler

Care Bears Grumpy Bear Infant

Care Bears Champ Bear Plush Deluxe Infant

Batman Bib Infant

Batman Bib Newborn

Batman Infant

DC Comics Green Lantern Infant

DC Comics The Flash Deluxe Infant

Robin Infant

Superman Baby (0-9 Months)

Superman Bib Newborn

Superman Infant (6-12 Months)

The Flash Standard Infant/Toddler

Baby Einstein Disney Dragon Infant/Toddler

Baby Einstein Disney Duck Infant

Baby Einstein Disney Lion Infant

Mickey Mouse Infant/Toddler

Winnie the Pooh Disney Eeyore Infant

Cat in the Hat Baby Hat and Bib Infant

Baby Hulk Infant/Toddler

Captain America Infant/Toddler

Sesame Street Elmo Vest Toddler

Baby Shrek Romper Infant

Dronkey Romper Infant

Puss n Boots Romper Infant

Shrek Infant

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot Infant/Toddler

Star Wars Yoda Fleece Toddler

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